IPR.Global Working Groups/Taskforces*

Working Group/ Taskforce Brief Description


Awards and Leadership Working Group (WG)

Promote international leadership in interprofessional research

Develop/update the best research and leadership awards and fellowship standards and criteria 

Review and identify the best applications/applicants for the best research and leadership awards

  • Anne Griffin, Ireland
  • Isabelle Gaboury, Canada 
  • Shelley Cohen Konrad, USA
  • Jyotsna Pandey, USA 
  • Nhlanganiso Nyathi, UK
  • Jody Frost, USA
  • Giray Kolcu, Turkey

Communications WG

Develop integrated two-way communication and engagement processes to create connections amongst IPR.Global members by 2022

Assisting with managing the marketing and communications of IPR.Global through:

online presence and campaigns

  • website
  • blog
  • social media
  • newsletter, mass email, survey,…
  • Anthony Breitbach – Co-chair, USA
  • Vikki Park – Co-chair, UK 
  • Andrea Pfeifle, USA
  • Gérard Filies, South Africa
  • Vikki Park, UK
  • Jody Frost, USA
  • Hossein Khalili, USA  
  • Charlotte McCartan, Canada  
  • Amanda Garay, USA  
  • Giray Kolcu, Turkey
  • Mukadder İnci Başer Kolcu, Turkey
  • Sarah Melville, Canada
  • Carl Schneider – Australia 

COVID-19 Taskforce

To monitor shifts and trends and respond/address the need of IPR.Global community in the time of COVID. 

 Steering Committee Members

Global Situational Analysis WG

Develop, conduct, analyze, and present the global IPECP situational analysis surveys

  • Alla El-Awaisi, Qatar
  • Hossein Khalili, USA  
  • Kelly Lackie, Canada
  • Sylvia Langlois, Canada

Knowledge Exchange WG

Disseminate IPECP scholarly works and provide mechanisms for knowledge translation/ application/exchange

Provide scholarly works in a method that best meets the needs of the target audiences (i.e., webinar, article, podcast, etc) (ongoing).

Develop regular community of practice outreach activities on relevant topics/research think tank products

  • Kelly Lackie – Co-chair, Canada
  • Dean Lising – Co-chair, Canada
  • Melissa Owens, UK
  • Anthony Breitbach, USA
  • Suzanne Cutler, UK
  • Gayle Halas, Canada
  • Jim Ballard, USA
  • Sarah Melville, Canada
  • Sylvia Langlois, Canada
  • Helena Ward, Australia

Membership and Mentorship (M&M) WG

Establish and implement the IPR.Global Research Mentorship Program (a new WG)

Membership engagement and advancement

  • Laura Smith – C0-Chair, USA
  • Gina Baugh, USA
  • Pauline Boland, Ireland
  • Gerard Filies, South Africa
  • Hossein Khalili, USA
  • inci kolcu, Turkey
  • Kathleen MacMillan, Canada

Partnership Development WG

Identify, initiate, and advance strategic partnership and sponsorship with like-minded organizations and networks

  • Jody Frost – Co-chair, USA
  • Andrea Pfeifle – Co-chair, USA
  • Zaid Al-Hamdan, Jordan
  • Susan Bookey-Bassett, Canada
  • Niri Nadoo, South Africa
  • Noreen O’Leary, Ireland

Policy Taskforce

In consultation and collaboration with IPECP expertise (within and outside of IPR.Global):

Review current policy that enables and/or hinders IPECP Research globally

Monitor shifts and trends in IPECP policies

Develop evidence-informed research and policy directions that define/foster IPECP as a key pillar of healthcare (education, practice, administrative, research globally).

  • Zaid Al-Hamdan, Jordan
  • Esther de Groot, Netherlands
  • John Gilbert, Canada
  • Hossein Khalili, USA
  • Kelly Lockeman, USA
  • Veronica O’Carroll, Scotland
  • Andrea L Pfeifle, USA
  • Jose Rodrigues Freire Filho, Brazil
  • Juliet Savanhu, UK and South Africa
  • Hoai-An Truong, USA
  • Andreas Xyrichis, UK