Our Organizational Chart​

Our Strategic Planning

InterprofessionalResearch.Global (IPR.Global) serves as the Global Network for Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice (IPECP) research.

Our Mission: We provide global leadership in interprofessional education and collaborative practice (IPECP) research. We engage world-renowned and emerging scholars, leaders, service providers, decision-makers, administrators, service-users, and students in research collaborations. We promote and advocate for evidence-informed policies and practices and we foster and facilitate theory-driven, methodologically rigorous IPECP research.

Our Vision:  We strive to enhance evidence-informed interprofessional collaboration for global/population health; to improve care access and quality; achieve positive patient and community outcomes; enhance cost-effectiveness, ensuring the provision of high-value care; and improving the experience of service providers.

IPR.Global Actionable Strategies

IPR.Global is committed to building and supporting a culture of global IPECP research, which is essential to generating evidence-based, theoretically informed, and methodological sound strategies for IPECP research. In leading the advancement of global IPECP research IPR.Global is committed to achieving the following strategic actions over the next 2 years:

1.      Establishing strategic partnerships with diverse regional and international stakeholders to ensure the inclusivity of interprofessional research. This will be facilitated by the following actions:

a.       Conducting a biennial global scan to identify:

i.      Local, national and international IPECP networks, groups & offices/centers.

ii.      IPECP research and projects.

iii.      Potential sources of funding (globally, governmental, nonprofit, profit, research)

b.      Lobbying with national and international health organizations and authorities to promote and advance the IPECP research agenda

c.       Collaborating with like-minded networks to provide support and expertise in securing funding for IPECP research.

2.      Conducting a comprehensive literature review to identify and update:

a.       IPECP research priorities (globally & regionally)

b.      Best practice guidelines in IPECP research

c.       Models, theories and frameworks applied to IPECP research

3.      Disseminating and exchanging knowledge and expertise through:

a.       Hosting workshop & conference presentations

b.      Hosting a Summer IPECP Research Institute

c.       Publication of journal articles and books

d.      Publication of reports and position papers

4.      Recognizing and celebrating excellence in IPECP research by:

a.       Establishing Global IPECP Research Excellence Awards

5.      Addressing Article 4 of the Sydney Declaration: Develop a globally agreed upon set of definitions and descriptions that capture interprofessional education, learning, practice, and care.

a.       The IPR.Global Terminology Taskforce is charged with developing a lexicon for the interprofessional field. Appendix A provides the first draft of the lexicon.