Proposed Lexicon for the Interprofessional Field

Citation:Khalili, H., Gilbert, J., Lising, D., MacMillan, K. M., Xyrichis, A. (2021). Proposed
lexicon for the interprofessional field. A reprint publication by
InterprofessionalResearch.Global (ISBN: 978-1-7366963-1-6). Retrieved from


With the advancement of interprofessional education and collaborative
practice, the need for common terminology in the interprofessional field is
growing. According to Mitzkat, Berger, Reeves and Mahler (2016), the
clarification around the definition of commonly-used interprofessional
terminology plays a significant role in the progression of IPECP knowledge
and science.
In Article 4 of the Sydney Interprofessional Declaration, a
consensus communiqué from the ATBH V conference in Australia (2010), it is
stressed that “… the global interprofessional community will undertake to
develop a globally agreed-upon set of definitions and descriptions that
capture interprofessional education, learning, practice, and care”.
InterprofessionalResearch.Global (IPR.Global) is the Global Network for
Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice (IPECP) research, that
provides global leadership in IPECP research. IIPR.Global through the IPECP
regional networks serves as a central hub and mobilizer to build connections,
leverage capacity, and amplify voices to achieve greater IPECP collective
impact in local, national, and international communities across the globe. We
identify emerging trends and priorities, share best practices, and provide
guidance for the benefit of our stakeholders and the communities they serve.
This IPR.Global Proposed Lexicon for the Interprofessional field is based
on the current interprofessional literature. This lexicon serves as the
starting point in developing global consensus on a set of definitions and
descriptions related to interprofessional education, learning, practice, and
care. Read More…