Our Partners

IPR.Global is a partnering with more than 10 national and regional Interprofessional Networks:

a.       AfrIPEN (African Interprofessional Education Network),

b.      AIHC (American Interprofessional Health Collaborative),

c.       APIPECnet (Asia Pacific Interprofessional Education and Collaboration Network),

d.      AIPPEN (Australasian Interprofessional Practice and Education network),

e.       Arab-speaking countries

f.        CAIPE (Centre for the Advancement of Interprofessional Education),

g.      CIHC (Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative),

h.     IndIPEN (Indian Interprofessional Education Network),

i.      IPE in WHO Global Initiatives

j.        Interprofessional.Global (Global Confederation for Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice),

k.      REIP (Regional Network for Interprofessional Education in the Americas),

l.        Student IPECP Research Network

To accomplish its strategic actions, IPR.Global continues to seek collaborative partners and sponsorship from individuals, educational institutions, healthcare organizations, interprofessional networks and centers from around the globe.