2022-2023 IPR.Global Best Research & Leadership Awards


The Inaugural Awardee of the John H.V. Gilbert Research Award: Dr. Michael Palapal Sy, PhD, MHPEd, OTRP, Senior Researcher, Zurich University of Applied Sciences.

InterprofessionalResearch.Global (IPR.Global) proudly announces the recipient of the 2022-2023 John H.V. Gilbert IPR.Global Research AwardDr. Michael Palapal Sy, PhD, MHPEd, OTRP. Dr. Sy’s exceptional doctoral dissertation exemplifies the very spirit of interprofessional collaboration, boldly pushing the boundaries of interprofessional knowledge and practice.

John H.V. Gilbert IPR.Global Award recognizes an outstanding interprofessional doctoral dissertation, published in the past three years, that has resulted in a learning paradigm which brings interprofessional education and learning to interprofessional collaborative practice in a practice setting where practitioners, students and patients have been engaged in developing measurable interprofessional high quality care.”

Dr. Sy’s outstanding research has yielded numerous publications and impactful presentations, demonstrating immense potential in bridging the gap between interprofessional education and collaborative practice. His work contributes to measurable, high-quality care—a beacon for the entire healthcare community.

We celebrated Dr. Sy’s achievements at the 11th International Conference on Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice (ATBH XI) in Doha, Qatar, where he received the prestigious John H.V. Gilbert IPR.Global Research Award. Join us in congratulating Dr. Michael Sy for his remarkable contributions to the field. His dissertation and dedication to IPECP inspire us all to strive for excellence.

The 2024-2025 IPR.Global Best Research & Leadership Award Online Application will open in February 2024!

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